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Heart of a Hero

Each year our principal has a theme. This year it is the Heart of a Hero.  Our first hero is the school secertary, who put in 10 work orders but finally got the school AC working.. They reorded things a bit in light of the AC problem. We were put into mixed grade groups to do a treasure hunt – that got us out of the hot building. Being the Techie person I made an Animoto movie rather than mess with powerpoint. I did it on my Ipad, so I can’t embed the movie. So I’ll link to it. When we got back there was cool air. Relief!

During the day many people were using various tech for the projects. I must have shown a 6 – 7 people how to connect their Ipads and laptops to the guest network. There was certain frustration with the “rules” about guest network. Namely the having to sign on repeatedly and the time limit. I was getting a little frustrated with the “that is a pain” and “it connects automatically at home” comments. Then  I pointed out that if every teacher and student who has a phone that connects with the wifi automatically connected every time we entered the buildings and stayed connected the whole time it would put a huge strain on systems and slow things down. That everyone understood.

We went over the usual procedural type things. Then to finish the day on a high note we had a team building activity. Each grade level team picked a super hero and created a costume for a team member to wear in that theme. This was the results.

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