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Vocabulary Ideas

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A friend is at a science workshop and tweeted about ideas for science vocabulary.

I couldn’t fit my ideas in a tweet. So here is the post. First use the words in the lesson before defining them.  Words are not meant to be used in isolation. They have to to be encountered in context to have meaning. After the students have experienced the word in context – then define it. I’m planing on a low tech and techie way of doing this this year.

Low Tech

– After we have experienced 2 hands on science activities  introducing the unit, have the students brainstorm new popcorn words they have encountered. One thing that is important here is that the students are more likely to have heard than seen the word. The teacher should spell it on the board.

Then each student gets 1 note-card per word with a hole prepunched. They write the word on top, draw a picture in the middle that illustrates the word, and write either a sentence using the word or a definition on the bottom. The students will have a ring to put the vocabulary cards on.

Integrating Tech

This part comes after the students have made their cards. I will publish ebooks of the vocabulary on our class Ipads. Each word gets 2 pages. One page will have the word and picture, the 2nd will have the word, picture, and definition. That way the book can be used like a flash card. I’ve made a sample and posted it to google docs. I would like to have MP3 that plays with the books for the auditory learner. The pictures I used came from Flickr’s Creative Commons search. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click Creative Commons.

I’m planning on using the books in both science and reading class, as well as a free time option.

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