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Tools for Teaching Chapter 7

1) Why is it so easy to “backslide” into verbosity after having mastered the art of giving simple verbal prompts? (Pages 63-64)

It is easy to backslide into verbosity, because that is the norm we grew up with and have practiced for many years.

2) What is the difference between a summary graphic and a VIP? (Page 65)

A summary graphic shows the whole problem completed, making it difficult to identify the individual steps. A VIP shows each step individually separate from the other with written notes if appropriate.

3) How does a summary graphic open the door to wallowing? (Page 65-66)

A summary graphic opens the door to wallowing, by making it difficult to pull out the individual steps.

3) What are the main characteristics of a good set of plans? (Page 66)

A good set of plans is visual, shows one step at a time, and has minimal words.

5) Who is the primary user of a lesson plan? (Page 66)

The primary user of a lesson plan is the student, that has to put the information together.

6) How do VIPs aid the weaning process? (Pages 64-68)

VIP’s aid in the weaning process by substituting the pictures for the teacher’s presence.

7) What are the various forms that a VIP can take? (Pages 68-70)

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