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Setting up for the Year


This is the front of my room. The colored baskets have my library. Colored pencils, and dry erase markers are in the plastic containers on the top. The magazine holders have the student dictionaries, their dry erase boards, and their sight word lists. They will also store their guided reading books here.


This area is my presentation station. Since I prefer to work on my laptop, it is set up so I can start presentations for the Promethean board. The document camera will go here, along with the charging station for the Ipads, and storage for my student response system.


These are the beginnings of the anchor charts for the beginning of school. The bottom ones ask 

  • How do you want Ms. Herbert to treat you?
  • How should students treat each other?
  • How should students treat Ms. Herbert
  • What should happen when someone breaks our rules?

The top ones say

  • In the cafeteria we ….
  • At the bathrooms we …
  • In the hallway we ….
  • A friend …. 

The students are going to write their thoughts on construction paper stars, and stick them on the charts using repositionable glue. I learned about this at a Bilingual/ESL workshop last week. Great for making colorful, child generated anchor charts.  Our class contract will be made by summarizing the  information on the bottom charts and the friend one on stars. Those will be glued on the contract and the kids sign it. I’m looking for some glitter glue pens or something similar for them to sign with. Then we will laminate it.


Here is my math wall – I’m waiting to get my Calendar Math box to finish setting it up. The 100 chart has problem solving questions on the reverse side that is out now. I plan on doing this out of order – otherwise the answer will be obvious.  I will have pictures of our data walls and small group areas next week. 


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