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We start back tomorrow

Well teachers report back to my district tomorrow. So I’ve been getting things ready here. Made some pasta sauce for dinner tomorrow. I was lucky a thunder storm blew through. No rain, not that lucky. The temperature did drop a little so the house isn’t a total steam bath. I’ve made sandwiches for breakfast and lunch tomorrow and they are in the frig.

My gym bag is packed and by the door. The alarms are set for 3:30 am. I’ll get up and take care of the dogs and stuff. Out the door by 4:00, at the gym when it opens at 4:30. Work out, shower and leave there between 5:30 – 5:45 be on campus at 6:30. That will give me an hour to work on stuff till, staff breakfast at 7:30. (Don’t know what it is, so making back up plan in case I can’t eat it). Our meeting is supposed to start at 8:00 am promptly.

One of my big goals for tomorrow is to get my frig out of Coach’s closet. So it will be ready for me to bring a real lunch tomorrow. I’m brown bagging it all week – except the 18th. I won’t be on campus then. I have a follow up to Imath.

I hope they got the AC fixed this weekend. They had to lift ours off the roof to replace the roof on Friday and the place was a sauna. Seriously they had all of July with the building empty and they waited till August to start replacing the roof. They are also replacing the gutters so hopefully water won’t gush down on people anymore. Not to mention it not raining in the office would be nice.

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Keeping Track

We have a rotating 6 day schedule. In a 6 day time we see each grade level 7 times. Day 1 – We see grades K – 4 at their regular times. Instead of having 5th grade from 8:00 – 8:45 that is our conference period. We have 5th grade from 1:00 – 2:30, while their teachers meet with the principal, AP, reading specialist, math specialist, councilor, and sometimes social worker. This is a double period and at 1:45. All the specials teachers meet in the cafeteria and exchange classes. Some grades have 6 teachers, some 5, and 3rd grade has 4.

This means that I’ll see some classes 2 times and other classes 1 time. This has driven me nuts keep track of what I had done with this class, and what I did with that class. I tried several different ways to keep track, but just managed to confuse myself. Finally I figured it out and it is so simple. I use the comments feature in word. I highlight what the students completed and comment that X class has finished this step.

Then when I’m writing the next week’s lesson plans change the name of the file, delete all the parts that all classes have completed, type in new steps/project, save it, and e-mail them to my principal and AP. It makes it so much easier to keep track of who has done what.

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