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Tools for Teachers Chapter 13 Study Questions

1) Schools produce the same number of office referrals year after year. What payoffs does Larry get for being suspended? Why doesn’t the School Discipline Code “put the lid on” as we would hope? (pages 140-143)

Larry gets a free day off from school, when he is suspended.

2) Why must a teacher embody these rules if they expect to “mean business?” • No means no. • I am not going to stand here and listen to your yammering.

If an adult changes their mind after being pestered by a student for a period of time, the student learns if I pester I get my way.

3) What is funny about someone saying that they are “pretty consistent?” (pages 144-147)

Either you are consistent or you are inconsistent.

4) How do “Weenie” parents build brat behavior? (pages 147-148)

Poor parents build brat behavior by either giving in and being inconsistent with discipline or actively encouraging their children to behave poorly by consistently blaming the people in authority for their child’s poor behavior.

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