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I would rather lose my glasses

Southwestern University is home to the Pirates.

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Why are you so into tech? What is wrong with pencil and paper? I get those questions occasionally.  The answer is because “tech” helps me get around the glitch in my brain.

I’m dysgraphic. In addition to that I have a skin condition that means my skin can fissure making it impossible to hold a pencil without bleeding on the paper. I struggled from  k – 12. I would work so hard to write something , only to be told I was being lazy and not living up to my potential. I remember one teacher telling me I couldn’t use “big” words when speaking if I couldn’t spell them correctly. It wasn’t until I turned in a essay test at Southwestern University that was in complete mirror image that I was tested and diagnosed.

That was freeing. There was a reason for everything. I started using word processors and learned to spell words. No I don’t mean I let spell check correct the words. I would let it mark words that were incorrect. Then  I would try different spellings. When I figured out the correct spelling. I would type it 10 times, instead of writing it 10 times. I would actually learn to spell the word. My professors were great and worked with me as I learned to manage the dysgraphia.

My first laptop – that was a huge step forward. Now I didn’t have to tape lectures, go home and transcribe notes. Instead I could take notes in class. It is rare to see me without my laptop. Now I see coworkers taking notes on their Ipads. I’ve tried it. It is ok, especially with evernote. I still prefer my laptop for a few reasons

  • Tactile I can find the J and F keys by touch. When typing on the ipad I have to look down. I can look at the speaker  with my laptop.
  • Screen settings. I have more control over screen settings on my laptop. I find the ipad screen stresses my eyes and aggravates my dyslexia.
  • Multitaking – If the workshop is a really good workshop – I usually have a lesson plan open and am making notes on how to integrate the information from the workshop into the lesson.
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