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Setting Up My Room

This is what my room looked like this morning when I went in to set up. Typical I forgot to take a picture before I left. I’ll updated this post tomorrow with a end of the day shot.

I’ve been frustrated because I can’t see our new curriculum, that I trained on. Well I can see the new 4th grade curriculum, but now I”m a 2nd grade teacher.  So when I was checking that my Presentation Station computer was hooked up properly, I logged into the attendance program. I’m listed as a second grade teacher there. So I’m hoping that means tomorrow morning I can get into the 2nd grade curriculum. The curriculum is linked to our grade books and the grade book program is updated by the attendance program each night.

According to the attendance program I have 18 kids on my roster, 12 girls and 6 boys. Now I know that will change before school starts in 2 weeks. That is the nature of our school. Right now I have the class set up with 6 groups of 3 each. I have 5 ipads and 2 Itouches. So I’m going to set up 6 tech /supply bags. Each group will either get 1 Ipad or 2 Itouches. When my order from Interact2010 comes in I’ll have 1 ipad per group and one left over.

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Musts for Next Year

I am making lists for next year. There are things I want to expand on from last year.

  • Blogging both my blogging and having students blog. I’m thinking start out with the students blogging at least 2 times a month. Mypersonal  goal is to blog at least 5 times a week, but not necessarily on school days. Last year we had both PEP and faculty meetings on Wednesday – which made that a bad day to try and blog. I was usually home late.
  • Movie making both live action and stop motion. I like the cut paper version better than claymation.
  •  Photo time lines – especially for our sustained inquiries.

New things

  • Geocaching/GPS reviews. Technically I did try this last year, but the results were terrible. I got some great ideas from the workshop I took at T3. Even better the teacher who gave the workshop is 2nd grade.
  • Popcorn words. I got several ideas from that workshop. I can combined them with …
  • Publishing e-books on my Ipads for students (I am going to do books for each science unit for vocabulary and also for information) I’ve made one. I need to figure out a couple of formatting things. Also I would like to add an auditoryversion for my 2nd graders if they need it. I will do some now. I thinking about asking some 3rd – 5th grade students tocome to my room in the mornings to do recordings. I know several, who would do a great job and would love not going to the gym in the morning.
  • Publishing e-books  by students on the Ipads

I’m sure I’m going to come up with more as the summer goes on. I’m also lucky to have a great network both in my district and outside to bounce ideas off of.

Shows Ipads and GPS

Lower left Ipad shows an e-book I made today about anoles

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