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QR Spelling/Word Center

English: Child using QR codes in Derby Museum ...

English: Child using QR codes in Derby Museum supervised by parent (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My team and I are going to use QR codes in a spelling center this year. Each spelling list is typed up in color-coded. Red = verb, blue = nouns, green = adjectives, orange = adverb all other words will be in black. In some cases the word has more than one meaning, those words we printed out more than once with differing QR codes. The words will be laminated then cut out. Students will use a pocket chart to put the words in sentences. Blanks will be provided for students to add their own words. Sight words will also be added to the center. After 6 to 9 weeks the first sets of words will be rotated out. The QR codes will take students to a short video that displays the word pronounces it, defines it, uses it in a sentence, and repeats the word. I’ve provided links to week 2 through week 6 below. It starts with week two because the numbering goes with our bell work packet, and we aren’t giving a spelling list the first week. Week six is as far as I’ve gotten. I will post more as I finish the units.

I haven’t talked to my team yet, but I’m thinking that we introduce the words in the center of the week before they are the spelling list. That gives the students a chance to get familiar with the words and their usage.

Week 02

Week 03

Week 04

Week 05

Week 06

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And the Answer Is ….. QR Math Station

The inspiration for this Math Station came from this post http://mrsjumpsclass.blogspot.com/2011/03/zoo-part-2.html .

I thought the anchor chart/whole group activity could easily be changed into an individual or pair activity for a Problem Solving Math Station.

The station includes a instruction sheet and a series of pages for the students to show their work on. The student picks a student sheet. Across the top it says And the Answer is …………. Followed by a QR code. The student then uses an Ipad 2 or Ipod with a camera to read the secret answer. The student comes up with a word problem that fits the answer. The word problem is neatly written on the paper – and the paper can be illustrated. Finally the student will post the problem on a problem solving bulletin board. For the other students to solve. It might even be picked to be spotlighted on our blog. The posting is the main reason I put the answer a QR code. This way other students can try and solve the problem and give feed back about any difficulties solving the problem. One thing I need to emphasize is that we want people to be able to solve the problems. You don’t “win” if your problem is too difficult to understand. There is a link to the center from the picture below.

Picture of Math Station Cover Sheet

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