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Workshop Scammers

I as reading Dr. Z Reflects post Professor Destroys Laptop as a Warning for Students, my thoughts went on a slightly different track from Dr. Z’s topic about teachers fearing technology. I started with how do people who need adaptive tech survive in this person’s classes? I was thinking about the times I had to threaten to call HR, because an inservice presenter told me couldn’t use my laptop during their presentations. Each time they backed down because of me bringing up ADA. I’m very dysgraphic and somewhat dyslexic.

Then I went off track. Each of the presenters that objected, were bad presenters. Not bad at presenting – they were good snake oil salesmen. What they were presenting was a rip off. Most of the time I could find/do the same things online for free or near enough to free. I would show this to my friends at lunch – which has resulted in uncomfortable questions for the presenter.

In one case – it went further. I showed some friends how the techniques the presenter was using on us and wanting us to use with kids lined up with warning signs of a cult. The 2nd day (it was a 5 day presentation) my friends and others joined me in the hall on restroom breaks during parts of the demonstration that were basically self help/group therapy techniques. The 3rd day, I asked about the great leader founder’s qualifications because I couldn’t find evidence of him being a licensed psychiatrist in the state of Texas. My sister, who works in a hospital, couldn’t find him on any lists of licensed psychiatrists. When I refused to tell the group the worst experience of my life – I was threatened with losing the DMA hours. I told the presenter I wanted to see his qualifications as a licensed mental health official. I got my hours.

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