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The Houston Chronicle is reporting a short list for Education Secretary

•Colin Powell, former secretary of state, former chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
•Former North Carolina Gov. Jim Hunt
•Arne Duncan, chief executive officer of Chicago public schools
•Inez Tenenbaum, former South Carolina schools superintendent

I respect Colin Powel, but would like information about his opinions on education, Especially when it comes to teaching science vs teaching religion as science. I really don’t know the others. I’ll be doing searches later to see what happened in the schools they controlled.

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You have to be kidding


I honestA teacher writing on a blackboard.Image via Wikipedialy don’t understand how that are teachers even considering advocating a political stance while on the clock. Teachers need to stay neutral on topics such as politics and religion while we are teaching. By advocating a particular position on the job – we risk losing the trust of our students. Why is that hard to understand?

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Politics in School


“Educators for Obama” buttons are no longer worn by teachers at Soquel High School.

The buttons began sprouting up at the Santa Cruz County school and parent John Hadley complained that teachers were attempting to politically influence his 16-year-old daughter and other students. Hadley is a John McCain supporter.

Am I missing something? I understand how any teacher could think that it was OK to promote any political viewpoint while on the clock. I’ve always understood the teacher should be neutral in politics during the time we’re in contact with students.

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