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Solar Energy in the Classroom July 18, 2008

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Commercial from Solon showing batteries falling from sky was very funny. A photovoltaic cell is converts solar Energy directly into electricity. Showed a diagram of a PV cell showing how the electricity is generated by sunlight. They are trying to make point with PV cells to power houses. PV array à inverter à house if house has enough power then electric can be sold to power grid.

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Day 01 Welcome

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I was planning on doing live blogging, but the Marriot doesn’t have their public wi-fi available in the conference room. They started with a brief security over view. They told us how to evacuate the building. The man from BP gave basic info about being safe in Houston. He neglected to mention that the Galleria area is notorious in the evenings – with tourists being a prime target.

The A+ people will be asking teachers to contribute ideas to for Houston to use Solar Power. Discovery Green has solar panels for the park buildings. George Brown will be adding solar power.

They introduced various people. I’m trying to get my AT&T Connect to work so I can get on line. They are showing us various BP commercials. They went around the room and had all the teachers introduce themselves.

They are handing out the evaluation forms. So that we write up evaluations as we go. That makes sense. Got the AT& T Wireless up. They are going over the order form. 3 weeks notice needed for kits, so I’ll get with the team and we can order during inservice week. No that will not work because it is due before we get back. I’ll call Mrs. J with the info. AT&T crapped out on me. I remember I needed to download something from Serria Wireless last year. I’ll do that at home tonight.

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