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We are getting phones

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Honestly a phone is the last on my list of Tech wants for my classroom. There are plenty of things I need to teach that should be coming before phones.

1st I need the building and portables wired for an alarm system. How many thousands of dollars do we have to lose to theft before something basic is done? Though they got zip in the last break in – only because we move the equipment out of the portables and into the building each night.

Next I need the wifi to work in the portables that house our older students and be open for the i-touches and personal computers. If people can sit at the HS tennis courts and get on line through school wi fi, how come our portables can’t?

Then I need projectors in all the classrooms, because the TV’s on my campus are useless for showing things on the computer. We are supposed to be using the computer based math curriculum, but the kids can only see a fuzzy mess on the screen.

After that I want the new printers. Can they print legal as well as 8.5 x 11 paper? I spent an hour hand feeding legal sized paper to my classroom printer for a report my principal needed. I had a ton of other things I could have been doing, instead of feeding in one sheet at a time.

I know our IT people have no control over this. It is the board and vendors that cause the road blocks, but it is frustrating to see things that aren’t needed rolled out while the things we need are held up in red tape. Dell has to spec out each room for the projectors. That is going to take years. In the meanwhile we get programs and licenses that I’m sure cost tens of thousands of dollars – to do things I can do on Google for free.

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