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What Century Is This?

When he built his house in the early 1980s, Kennedy says, his water request was denied. He can’t even remember the number of times he asked the city’s service director for help, only to have nothing happen. Then a house went up next door. A white family moved in, and one day Kennedy saw his new neighbors watering their lawn. “They’d be out there with a hot tub out on the porch,” he says, “and I was still going down the road [to the local water treatment plant] with a pickup truck every day.”


I could not  believe it when I read this article that came up in my stumble upon. A largely African American community in Ohio was repeatedly denied access to the city water line. Other neighborhoods built equal distance from the main water line were given access. The difference was the race of the homeowners. The Ohio Civil Rights Commission (OCRC) and 67 Coal Run residents filed suit for discrimination. They won the suit, and were awarded its $10.9 million. Government officials are still claiming “oh, it was not discrimination. They just never filed the proper paperwork.”

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