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I’m going to bed soon. Had a good day. Got up on time. Got to the gym and worked out. At work I got in a solid two hours before the tech requests came in. I was able to fix a few not all. The new printers aren’t working.

Tried to help our music teacher with Vbrick. We were able to figure out that the connectors from the computer to the switch weren’t plugged in. She was going to call the district person in charge, I didn’t get to ask her if they figured it out before we left.

Meet the teacher seemed to go well. We couldn’t post the homerooms like we have done in previous years. The front office people and paraprofessionals manned tables and handed out homeroom information. 10 of my 17 kids came in. They seem like a good group of kids. I’m looking forward to Monday. I hope to get all my lesson plans done tomorrow before I go to the gym, and then spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

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