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Alien Descriptions

This lesson was a big hit with the kids. I have the formal lesson plan here.

First we did the interactive Promethean flipboard

Image of promethean flip book

Then the students worked in small groups to create group aliens and write a descriptive paragraphs about them.


We posted the pictures and paragraphs on the wall.  Students then tried to match the paragraph to the picture it described.

Finally we made a voice thread with the pictures and paragraphs.

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Finally they made a voice thread and read their descriptions into the thread. There was a glitch on 3 of them that we will fix on Monday.



I think I’m the only one enjoying the Balanced Literacy class. Several to the techniques are helping do what I’ve always wanted to do in my ELA classes.

This group lesson plan thing isn’t going very well. I’ve given up on getting science in a timely fashion. But since I’m using TAKScopes, I can handle that. Not getting writing or lesson plans is more difficult.

I’m looking forward to using ideas from this lesson http://techhappy.wordpress.com/2010/10/27/the-child-driven-education-in-practice/ in my class next week.

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