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How do you remember all the tools you can use?

Earlier this week I read this post by Paul Wagner. I had set up linoit on my Ipads, but my 2nd graders weren’t quite ready. So I had dropped it and forgot about it. Well we tried it again this week and they were ready to give it a try. The result is below.


I have my students organized in 4 groups. Each group is assigned a color. Their remotes and Ipads are stored in cloth bags with those colors. So they made their posted notes their group color.  The kids used an app on their Ipads. I am fortunate enough to have 1 Ipad per 2 kids. So they sat with their partners on the carpet and typed in their Jan Brett questions. (Yellow is currently down 1 Ipad due to an accident – so they have fewer posts.)  For my kids this is much easier than using their promethean remotes, because they can use the full keyboard on the ipad.

So my real problem is how do I make sure I don’t forget about good tools that my 2nd graders need to grow into?

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