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No Power

Well teachers went back today. We had two workshops that were ok. Then we had a 1/2 day workday. I picked up my niece for my sister and took her home.  When I go home, I walked into the bedroom, turned on the lights and they flickered and went off. I’ve had problems with the fan, and thought the that was the problem. It turned the switch off and turned on the bathroom lights – which flickered and went off.

I went outside and the neighbors were checking with each other. The whole neighborhood went out shortly after that. So after I called in the outage, I disengaged the garage door opener and went out to eat.  I had some good tex-mex,  and first ever fried ice cream.  Then I got a call back on my cell (it was on silent) that my lights were on.

The front half of the neighborhood was still out, but my lights have been on. I’m still setting the alarm on my cell phone just in case.

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