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Meet The Teacher

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On Friday, we had Meet The Teacher at my school. Meet The Teacher started with principal and AP holding a meeting in the cafeteria. In the meeting, Principal addressed the issue of parents undermining us by not having their children follow morning procedure.

He did it in a way that was diplomatic, but also made it clear that this is a nonnegotiable. Students will go to the gym in the mornings, they will be dismissed by grade, and they will walk in a straight, still, and silent line to their classroom. Parents will no longer call their child out of line and walk with them separately.

I know to outsiders it looks like a nitpicky thing. The same kids can walk to their classrooms separately are the same kids who tell us “I don’t have to listen to you” or did the ones who are extremely clingy and babyish.

More to the point, there are teachers who feel Principal doesn’t support us to the parents. I wish they could have seen his speech. Most of them were in their classrooms getting ready for the kids. I was in the cafeteria looking for my tech crew kids from last year, so I could tell them they’re doing announcements on Monday.

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