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I’m going to bed soon. Had a good day. Got up on time. Got to the gym and worked out. At work I got in a solid two hours before the tech requests came in. I was able to fix a few not all. The new printers aren’t working.

Tried to help our music teacher with Vbrick. We were able to figure out that the connectors from the computer to the switch weren’t plugged in. She was going to call the district person in charge, I didn’t get to ask her if they figured it out before we left.

Meet the teacher seemed to go well. We couldn’t post the homerooms like we have done in previous years. The front office people and paraprofessionals manned tables and handed out homeroom information. 10 of my 17 kids came in. They seem like a good group of kids. I’m looking forward to Monday. I hope to get all my lesson plans done tomorrow before I go to the gym, and then spend the rest of the weekend relaxing.

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Setting Up My Room

This is what my room looked like this morning when I went in to set up. Typical I forgot to take a picture before I left. I’ll updated this post tomorrow with a end of the day shot.

I’ve been frustrated because I can’t see our new curriculum, that I trained on. Well I can see the new 4th grade curriculum, but now I”m a 2nd grade teacher.  So when I was checking that my Presentation Station computer was hooked up properly, I logged into the attendance program. I’m listed as a second grade teacher there. So I’m hoping that means tomorrow morning I can get into the 2nd grade curriculum. The curriculum is linked to our grade books and the grade book program is updated by the attendance program each night.

According to the attendance program I have 18 kids on my roster, 12 girls and 6 boys. Now I know that will change before school starts in 2 weeks. That is the nature of our school. Right now I have the class set up with 6 groups of 3 each. I have 5 ipads and 2 Itouches. So I’m going to set up 6 tech /supply bags. Each group will either get 1 Ipad or 2 Itouches. When my order from Interact2010 comes in I’ll have 1 ipad per group and one left over.

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Keeping Track

We have a rotating 6 day schedule. In a 6 day time we see each grade level 7 times. Day 1 – We see grades K – 4 at their regular times. Instead of having 5th grade from 8:00 – 8:45 that is our conference period. We have 5th grade from 1:00 – 2:30, while their teachers meet with the principal, AP, reading specialist, math specialist, councilor, and sometimes social worker. This is a double period and at 1:45. All the specials teachers meet in the cafeteria and exchange classes. Some grades have 6 teachers, some 5, and 3rd grade has 4.

This means that I’ll see some classes 2 times and other classes 1 time. This has driven me nuts keep track of what I had done with this class, and what I did with that class. I tried several different ways to keep track, but just managed to confuse myself. Finally I figured it out and it is so simple. I use the comments feature in word. I highlight what the students completed and comment that X class has finished this step.

Then when I’m writing the next week’s lesson plans change the name of the file, delete all the parts that all classes have completed, type in new steps/project, save it, and e-mail them to my principal and AP. It makes it so much easier to keep track of who has done what.

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