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Kids 1st day back

Today was a good day.  With the exception of one 3rd grade class, everyone was well behaved. I was even able to praise the 5th graders LOL.  5th grade did a qwizdom activity and started a Flow Think map about the formation of Fossil Fuels.

 4th grade did a Qwizdom activity on the 5 times and division tables. We are going to start their vodcasts on how do do long division.

3rd grade created a circle thinking map  describing the number 24 in terms of multiplication problems and started a powerpoint graphically showing different multiplication problems that equal 24.

2nd grade used base 10 blocks to show how to add using regrouping. They are going to create photostories explaining how they solved their problems.

1st grade made a Circle map describing 12 using addtion problems. They are also going to use photostories to describe addition and subtraction problems.

Kindergarten just went over procedures.

 Loren had dance, so Sis didn’t need me to pick her up.

I got home and was able to work with the dogs for a while.

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