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Tools For Teaching Chapter 13 –Understanding Brat Behavior

This chapter repeats many things we already know. Basically if you tell a child no, allow them to whine long enough and then give in to what they want you have taught them lying and get what you want. He also says that sending students out of the room in writing them up diminishes the teacher’s power and role in the classroom. While I agree with him, and it right to express is two mighty work raids on numerous occasions, he doesn’t give an alternative. Also what about those situations where the student is a danger to himself, other students, and teachers, what are we supposed to do with those students. We have one fifth grade student from last year who is well on his way to committing suicide by cop.

The student would constantly be physically aggressive with much bigger students and teachers. I had to say he never did it to me, maybe because I’ve already had students arrested for similar behaviors. Also what about the student his parents are completely inconsistent with giving him his medications. I’m not talking about a parent who objects to having their child medicated, that is a different situation. I’m talking bad how that spends a couple days on the medication for various mental disorders, and then when their behavior calms down the parent takes them all off the medication. This is extremely dangerous for the student and can lead to suicidal thoughts, but it also creates a huge roller-coaster ride for everyone in the same classroom. Says the child’s brain doesn’t have time to acclimate to being on the medication are being off the medication, he often truly has no control over his behavior.

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