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Sitting Still

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Angela Maiers asked in a post “Is sitting still a 21st Century skill?”

Good question – a host of stereotypes comes to mind.

  • Isn’t this the couch potato generation
  • Aren’t kids plugged in and tuned out
  • Or is it the ADHD generation
  • Kids today need a constant stream of input
  • Kids are over programmed
  • Kids can’t disengage

Do I think 21st century students should be sitting doing nothing but busy work – No

Do I think 21st century students need to be able to concentrate for a period of time and do something on their own? Yes.

I also think the ability to unplug and simply be quiet is something necessary for all human souls.

Of course as I write this I’m typing listing to CNET’s Loaded podcast and making backups of our Math CD’s

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