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Wind Presentation

Has many different demonstration of how magnets and electricity.




Power of Wind GE


www.youtube.com search for power of wind video

What about the birds?

More are killed by powerlines, and roads than wind turbines. Pay attention to the birds patterns and postion them so that they are not in the way of the bird patterns. There is a development of houses in Galveston they are using wind turnbines and solar power homes are earning $35 a month from the grid.

What about Hurricanes?

Made to go in neutral mode if the wind gets to a certain level.

How can planes fly upside down?

They change the pitch of the blades.

What captures the most energy longer blades or height?

Depends on the location and type of the winds.

A+ Energy for Education Consequences of Global Warming

  • Sea level rise, storm surge, flooding
  • Droughts famine Wild Fire
  • More frequent weather extremes
  • Increase hurricane
  • Loss of mountain glaciers and drinking water
  • Spread of disease
  • Extinction of animals and plants

Dupont decreased greenhouse gasses and increased profits. Energy efficiency = more profits.

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Solar Cars

Pictures of Solar Cars we made Yesterday. Video to come later

Solar Energy in the Classroom July 18, 2008

A photovoltaic array is a linked assembly of P...Image via Wikipedia

Commercial from Solon showing batteries falling from sky was very funny. A photovoltaic cell is converts solar Energy directly into electricity. Showed a diagram of a PV cell showing how the electricity is generated by sunlight. They are trying to make point with PV cells to power houses. PV array à inverter à house if house has enough power then electric can be sold to power grid.

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Day 01 Forms of Energy

The cars of a roller coaster reach their maxim...Image via Wikipedia

Rats lost post. Presenter is going over potential and Kinetic energy. Energy does work or causes change. Potential energy is stored Kinetic is being used. Energy and mass cannot be changed or destroyed just changed. Heat is dissipated at each level. She as a flash light that can be powered by squeezing a handle, it has a magnet and a copper wire that causes electrons to move. They also had sand going around in two containers being shaken. Now they are measuring the temperature.

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