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Night out

I just spent a wonderful evening at Melissa & Phillip’s house. Loren and Brett were as sweet as can be. Brett loves to sit on the couch with my I-phone and look at the pictures of family members. Loren plays games on it. First she had to put on a show. I should have gotten some video of it. I did get some of her and Brett saying suuuppper staaars for my introduction video. I need to go finish that now.

We have reader

My sister’s friends threw her a baby shower. My 2 nieces – freshman in high school and 2 almost 3 year old were there. I got the 2 year old a present – “Dora’s When I Grow Up Book”. Well we have a reader. I read the book to her twice during the party. She then read it to her big sister. She took it to school. She is sleeping with it, and it must be read to her at least twice a day. I think Sis is going to string me up.


Zoo Trip

I took my Older Niece (14 yo) and Younger Niece (2.5 yo) to the Zoo yesterday. I had purchased Younger Niece a Travel Buddy. Holding someone’s hand in the Houston heat is uncomfortable. The Travel buddy let her walk with us safely.

We walked all over the Houston Zoo, visiting Younger Niece’s favorite animals – We saw Topper (baby Giraffe) and Mac (baby Elephant) as well as the Lions, Tigers, and many others. The alligators were being moved to a new habitat, so she missed them. Mr. Melvin was running the carousel, and younger niece greeted him like an old friend. After the Carousel, we went to the splash park area. The water revived us.

We ate lunch then walked back to the front of the zoo. Then we hiked up over the Miller Outdoor Theater’s Hill. Youngest Niece rolled down the hill. In the Houston Museum of Natural History Oldest Niece took Youngest Niece to the bathroom, while I got the tickets. We went to the Butterflies first.

Wow they really upgraded the education area of the butterfly exhibit. There are hands on things, volunteers helping kids touch bugs, touch screen information areas. In the actual butterfly garden – Oldest niece had a butterfly land on her. Youngest niece was fascinated with the honey bees .

After the butterflies we enjoyed the ac, in the main halls, and went down stairs to play in the hands on area. Then we tackled the treck back to our car at the Zoo.

Last night at dinner, sis and BIL took us out, Sis told me they are going to reconfigure the Herman Park train. Instead of just looping through the park near the zoo. It is going to have 3 stops one is going to be the zoo, another the Natural History Museum, but she couldn’t remember the third. That would be really nice, especially if you can purchase some type of day pass.

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