Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Classroom almost there

UntitledView from the door. I’ve got new curtains coming in. I had most of the furniture set up when I cane in and found 2 new desktops.  They took my writing center table for them, and that really needs to be replaced with a proper computer table because it is already bowing.

UntitledThe cupboards. The first long BB will have our schedule on it. The next will be the job board. The third will be our social contract.  The last two short ones  will have instructions about using the computers.



This will be the desk area. I deliberately organized it so it wasn’t focused on the Promethean board. Students will work in small groups or individually here. I don’t have a class list and the legislature basically threw class size limits out the window. So right now it is general. If the groups have to be close together. I’m going to hang ribbon in the areas that are not passages.

My guided reading/small group area. My word wall will go on the bulletin board. The letters were being laminated.

My CAFE board. I’m standing on the carpet whole group instruction area. It is centered between the CAFE wall, the Promethean, and the Math Wall


The carpet and Promethean Board area. I kept the carpet back from the Promethean area to give me a walk way. It is a big carpet, but the kids were crowded last year. The reason – We lost 2 – 3 feet of it because people needing a place to stand and use the Promethean.


My Math Wall. The area at the bottom is for the math word wall. I can’t finish the rest until we get our Calendar and stuff on Friday – then I’ll have a couple of hours to finish it before Meet the Teacher.

The other half of that wall is for my science wall. Including my science word wall. We are starting with states of matter. So I’m thinking about finding creative commons pictures of water, ice, steam to put up there and let the kids try to figure out the topic.

Oh and we are getting these huge number lines that have to go around by the ceiling. We are getting them Monday and Tuesday – I don’t know if that means
1. We will be handed them at the workshop we are attending and have to take them back to our school
2. Someone will be dropping them off in our room and we have to put them up
3. They will be having the aides put them up for us while we are at the workshop.

I think I’ll be trading off with my teammates. I’m tall enough to safely hang the number lines. They will help me with something down the line.


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