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I finished reading the Daily 5, and now I’m reading The CAFE book.

CHAPTER 1 is and introduction focusing on how they developed their system and the research that they used. What I liked best was they were upfront that teachers are going to have to adapt things to fit the requirements from principals, what the students need, and the teachers own style. People who know me know I consider “You must follow my directions exactly every single time” to be nothing more than CYA statements by people hustling frauds on schools giving themselves a ready made escape hatch that blames the teacher. That way when miracles don’t happen they can blame the teachers. Gail Boushey and Joan Moser do the opposite they say take what we found and run with it make it fit around your classroom.

Chapter 2 is about forms/ record keepingI like the record keeping method they have developed. I will be converting part of it to forms I can keep on google docs and/Evernote because that is easier on my dygraphic brain. Also I like the idea of having written notes with audio/video recordings on Evernote.

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Chapter 3 is step by step how to use introduce CAFE during the first days of school. It gives you plenty of room to adapt, allows integration with other typical first week of school activities. I am going to commit haressy here. I am not a big fan of cute decorations or multitudes of anchor charts. I walk into some beautifully decorated rooms and feel like I’m trailing behind the Tartis as it hurls through time and space. How do kids with dyslexia, ADHD, and/or sensor integration problems cope with being in those explosions of color all day long.

In cintrasr The CAFE bulletin board is simple, clean looking and the kids,and teacher will be using it regularly. The one thing I will have to change is the cards with strategies on them. I will type these up ahead of time, because I avoid my dysgrapic hand writing being posted at all cost.

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