Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Productive Day

Ok it didn’t start that way. I woke up 3 hours late, and didn’t make it to the gym. I was able to make it to the Advanced Promethean training.

Great great training. I learned 6 or 7 new things I can do. Several of them I had seen on other flipcharts, but couldn’t figure out how they done. The best was how to put multiple things in a container using keywords.  After training I dropped off my laptop bag in my classroom and did some personal errands. One was to the post office. I was standing in line playing with my Ipad, when the lady next to me struck up a conversation.

She had heard that we were using them in the classroom, but didn’t understand how a toy like that could teach. Well I did kind of have her trapped. The Ipad I had with me was my Teacher Ipad, so I didn’t have a bunch of kids apps on them. I showed her a couple of math apps, explained how cut the rope teaches about physics, and then I explained about my interactive bulletin board with QR codes. When she left she thanked me and said she was impressed with all we could do with an Ipad.

When I got to campus, I did find out that my interactive bulletin board is going to have to change because our science curriculum has been reordered. Hey I’m ready for 2nd semester. I as able to get a unit plan written using the template they gave us at the curriculum training. Then I finished a lesson plan and flipbook for the first day of unit.


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