Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Still Organizing My Room

Made some progress with my room.

Right now there isn’t really a back row. I’m thinking of taking the groups to the left and right of the carpet and just putting the desks in a flat row. They can turn them towards each other during small groups.  Each group will get a box that will hold their group’s assigned tech equipment during the day, when we aren’t using it. Each evening it will be put into the box I recieved as part of Imath and that will be locked in the cupboards at night.

I also need to pic up a dish rack. I saw a cool idea of putting the Ipads into a dish rack to hold them while charging and/or syncing. That would solve the problem of people putting things on top of the Ipads, while they are charging.

The pencil bags are for holding  my ActivExpressions. I put Velcro on the sides of the desk and stick the pencil bags to that. That way the Expressions were kept safe and not knocked to the floor constantly.


Activexpression by Danny Nicholson

I’m working on a display for the gray wall that will be interactive. Part of it will use QR codes to allow students to access information in various formats.  More on that tomorrow.


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