Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Musts for Next Year

I am making lists for next year. There are things I want to expand on from last year.

  • Blogging both my blogging and having students blog. I’m thinking start out with the students blogging at least 2 times a month. Mypersonal  goal is to blog at least 5 times a week, but not necessarily on school days. Last year we had both PEP and faculty meetings on Wednesday – which made that a bad day to try and blog. I was usually home late.
  • Movie making both live action and stop motion. I like the cut paper version better than claymation.
  •  Photo time lines – especially for our sustained inquiries.

New things

  • Geocaching/GPS reviews. Technically I did try this last year, but the results were terrible. I got some great ideas from the workshop I took at T3. Even better the teacher who gave the workshop is 2nd grade.
  • Popcorn words. I got several ideas from that workshop. I can combined them with …
  • Publishing e-books on my Ipads for students (I am going to do books for each science unit for vocabulary and also for information) I’ve made one. I need to figure out a couple of formatting things. Also I would like to add an auditoryversion for my 2nd graders if they need it. I will do some now. I thinking about asking some 3rd – 5th grade students tocome to my room in the mornings to do recordings. I know several, who would do a great job and would love not going to the gym in the morning.
  • Publishing e-books  by students on the Ipads

I’m sure I’m going to come up with more as the summer goes on. I’m also lucky to have a great network both in my district and outside to bounce ideas off of.

Shows Ipads and GPS

Lower left Ipad shows an e-book I made today about anoles


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