Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Thoughts on the day

Yikes it was a day. I got to school a little latter than normal. The other early birds had already found out the servers were down. I had figured they were working on something this weekend, because I couldn’t get to some of the district websites. Turns out it was more serious.

Since the servers were down, New Math teacher and I couldn’t do the scantrons for the common assessment on Wednesday. We had to wait till they were up so that AP could give New Math Teacher a password for the D2SC system. We will get those done tomorrow.

Putting out fires meant my organization didn’t get done. I’ll work on that tomorrow.

The Hole in the Wall learning activity went great. I’m editing the video and posting it to the students’ site. http://www.4thshootingstars.wordpress.com


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