Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Setting Up Day 2

I went in after going to the gym. I worked for a couple of hours. I got 2 of the cupboards emptied out. The next cupboard is full of math stuff, so I’ll wait till the other teacher is back before emptying it out. The next cupboard is full of a hodgepodge of Science equipment. I’ll get it sorted out tomorrow.

I made and printed out three wordle posters. I took the Links/TEKS for Math, Science, and Writing and removed words like Student Will and the number codes. Then I put them in Wordle and printed out the results. I’m going to use them to designate the walls with information about that subject. Later I’m going to go to the United Streaming site to print out posters about the 1st 9 weeks topics in Math and Science. For writing, I need to wait till we get the new curriculum, but I’m going to print out posters from that also.

In the afternoon I went to a great workshop. It was about using the ActiveExpressions. I found out a few tricks I didn’t know, and some things I was doing wrong. That was fouling things up. I also need to update the software on my home machine.

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