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Classroom Set Up Day 1

I went in today to work on my room. They still haven’t installed the promised projectors – but they have 2.5 weeks till school starts. I played around with different set ups. I know I want 4 groups of 5 or 6. With my Interact grant I have 4 Ipads, 4 GPS, 3 cameras + my camera for the kids. I also have 4 laptops. For now I set up like I will be using my own set up but the desk orientation can be turned easily enough, when the school projector gets installed. I have NO cupboard space. The cupboards in the pictures are full of 4th grade math and science equipment. This year some of that is going to be cleaned out.

If I’m planning science, then I’ll keep the science stuff – but the math items are going to the math planning teacher. The soil and stuff – is going to the garden. That is a whole other mess. I want the Teacher cupboard cleaned out, and the kids back pack storage cleaned out. I also need space to lock up the tubs with the tech supplies. Those tubs are going to be out on each table every day – to be used every day. I haven’t figured out how to handle putting out the ActiveExpressions yet.

The most logical way would be to assign each student a number, and they use that number of remote the whole year. But how do I hand them out each morning and again in the afternoon. What is complicating this is I have a set of 36 and the school has a set of 36. The largest class is 25. So we can take the extra 11 from each set and make a set of 22 that will cover most K – 4 classes (limit is 22 but there are times we get over loaded). If we make the extra set, then it would make the most sense to put the “extra” set in the travel case. That leaves me without a case. Since I have different groups, putting the remotes in the buckets won’t work. Unless I assign the remotes to a table, and change the student assignments each time we change seats. That would be a huge head ache. The alternative is that we put them number up on the horseshoe table or blue book case and the students pick them up as they come in and get settled.

I’m going to experiment with having the Math Wall programmed into the ActiveExpressions. I’m going to make a blank master in word. Then for each set I can fill in the blanks on the questions with the words from the wall that week. There are a few that the students will have to do on notebook paper like fill in the number line, or draw a model of this fraction. I’m going to ask, if I can just have 1 set of worksheets per child laminated. Even with the ActiveExpressions they will need information that is on the worksheets. It will be the price of copying and laminating 22 Wordwall packets VS the price of copying word wall 18 times for 22 kids.


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