Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Today was day two of teachers being back in my district. We had ½ day on campus 1/2 day convocation. The administration has cut back. No longer do we have a keynote speaker. It was the Superintendent and kids from our district, no paid speaker. That is an improvement in this time of budget crunching. I was still not happy with other ways money was wasted.

  1. Having it. The Superintendent could have simply given his state of the district speech via e-tv. That is what the system is made for.
  2. Having it at a non district location that we have to pay for – and I predict sometime in the future will be paying millions of dollars in an 1st amendment settlement for having used the site. It is a church an all it is going to take is one employee who isn’t allowed by his/her religion to go in another religion’s sanctuary for there to be a huge lawsuit.
  3. They are still pushing Capturing Kids Hearts. I’m still disturbed by the cult like language and techniques (Like isolating people at their “retreat” center). The lack of parental involvement also disturbs me especially because of the disregard of children’s safety I saw in their presentation. Encouraging a child to go cold turkey off of drugs without parental knowledge or medical support. CKH’s thrusting teachers into the position of drug councilor and mental health provider.

Good things

  1. I didn’t have to go to the restroom and I hightailed it out of there at the end – so I didn’t get cornered by teachers from “the wealthy –wanta be schools telling me “You did so well considering your population”. UGGGGG I teach kids – wonderful, delightful, aggravating kids. Now if I can just avoid them at the district inservice on Thursday.

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