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First Day For The Kids

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Well it was the first day back for the kids. Our new schedule worked out well. We aren’t doing PEP this week so I had 5 classes before lunch and 1 after. Then I had my conference period. Finally I helped with dismissal from 1:45 – 3:00. Most of that time was spent running around checking on different grade levels to make sure all the kids had their tags. One teacher had no information – but we got her sorted out quickly. I was surprised all but 2 of her kids knew their addresses. Our kids move so frequently, they often don’t know their addresses.

One child was told to walk to the High School, but the road is considered too dangerous by the district. So they are going to get a bus that goes that way to drop him off each day. They’ve done that in the past for students of staff members.

When a grade level has PEP, the kids get a double specials class. The teachers get a 90 minute team planning period with the Principal, Assistant Principal, Reading Specialist, and Math specialist.

My Schedule

When a grade has PEP, its normal specials time is my conference period. So on Mondays I would normally have conference from 8:45 – 9:30. This week we aren’t having PEP so I get a double conference period. YEA me.

8:00 – 8:45


8:45 – 9:30


9:30 – 10:15


10:15 – 11:00


11:00 – 11:45


11:45 – 12:15


12:15 – 1:00


1:00 – 1:45

1:45 – 2:30

Project EXEMPLARY Plan

PEP Schedule 5 day Rotation











PreK and K Week 1

PreK and K Week 3

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