Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

I’m unimpressed by this chapter. The basic points are

1. We get stressed

2. Teaching is stressful

3. When we are stressed, we react poorly to more stress even little things.

4. We need to manage our stress – but no practical methods for doing this.

Honestly – this whole book/program is common sense with branding – like the program before and the program we will adopt in a year or so when this doesn’t work. This along with convocation is one way our district does waste money.


Comments on: "Tools for Teaching Chapter 14: Staying Calm: Our Emotions" (2)

  1. Linda Carpenter said:

    This writer must not have even finished a chapter of Fred Jones book. Of course, he gives many practical methods for managing stress. It is pretty sad that this writer would put out a negative blog on a product that she obviously has not read completely just to seem like she has some kind of special insight. Schools across the nation and in Canada have raised achievement, reduced their office referrals and behavior problems and retained teachers because of Fred Jones training. Two high schools in San Diego County went from failing to most improved. A school in the Academy 20 District in Colorado that was designed with grants from the National Endowment for the Arts as a magnet school for math and science will only hire teachers who are Fred Jones trained. In Porterville, Ca., students went from all failing to all passing and call them selves Mrs. Garcia’s Freedom Writers. You can see them tell of their new success in school after their teacher trained with Fred Jones. Search youtube and you will see a clip. It is sad that someone who either hasn’t read the book or just couldn’t understand it should write such a blog. I have interviewed hundreds of educators from all over the nation who have had life changing experiences after training with Fred Jones program. Honestly, the book and program have done more to improve schools than any other .
    Read the book before you write such drivel.

    • I am negative because of the large amount of money being spent on this program and Capturing Kids Hearts, which I object to even more on ethical and moral grounds. The money would be better spent keeping our class rooms dry from the flooding every time it rains and other physical problems with the building. Are you a fan or do you work for the organization. Either way it is obvious that you will not tolerate any criticism.

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