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Branded Common Sense

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I’ve been reading Tools For Teaching by Fred Jones and recording my thoughts here because this is the next big deal in my district. The other current big deal in my district is Capturing Kid’s Hearts and I have to go a session on that in August. When I look at, these programs I see common sense trademarked and copyrighted. My grandparents, parents, assorted aunts and uncles all could have told you the same information based on their common sense and having raised two generations of kids. There were two kids in my dad’s family and ten in my mother’s family. I have around 25 first Cousins and 40 or so second Cousins. Out of about 65 kids only one is if been in trouble with the law. Many went to university and on to professional careers, and many of the others own their own businesses. I figure my grandparents, great aunts and uncles, parents, and aunts and uncles did a pretty good job raising us.

They did not need to pay $29.95 U.S. to figure out that no should mean no, to mean that you say in say what you mean, that follow through is important, and finely that being consistent is good for kids. To them that was plain old fashion common sense. To impart these pearls of wisdom my district did pay $29.95 U.S. per teacher. Not to mention the cost of sending either two or three people from each campus to a special training so they can train us and common sense. Those costs are just for the Tools For Teaching training.

Most of my coworkers went on a retreat to learn Capturing Kids Hearts. Since then involved room and board, I’m sure it was quite expensive. I’m able to go to just a day course which is easier on me, because I don’t have to pay to board my dogs.

Lest you think I am against all staff development, I am looking forward to the A+ for Energy Educator Training Conference this weekend. This will give me an opportunity to learn from both experts and other teachers and find new ideas for our robotics program.

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  1. Could you give me some update on how your feel about “Capturing Kids’ Hearts?” Our inner city school trained the 9th grade teachers to use it, but after 3 weeks we are hearing some very disgruntled teachers. I’d love to hear about others’ experiences. Please feel free to email my at dkzody@sbcglobal.net

  2. Linda Carpenter said:

    It is obvious to me that this writer did not read the whole Fred Jones book. Yes, much of it is common sense. but teachers, whether new or in the profession for years, always ask the same question
    Why didn’t I have this earlier. It is not just about the one segment of one chapter that this writer seems to ridicule, it is the whole program of bringing calm to the learning environment, of building lessons that teach to the way the brain learns, by managing students in a positive way rather than nag threaten and punish. It’s about 40 years of observing and decoding what effective teachers do. Its about raising achievement and lowering the number of behavior problems. There are so many examples of failing schools which are now achieving, of teachers who stayed in their profession because they now have a program of discipline instruction and motivation that gives them more time on task, and which helps every child learn. This teacher is ridiculing one small section of one chapter on consistency. Yes, it is a necessary component if a teacher or a parent wants to mange their children in a positive way.
    I say read the whole book. Then write remarks that have some meaning.

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