Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

I agree with the idea of bell work but I’m struggling about how to implement it in my class. Due to my class schedule I am often sprinting back to my room when my next class is waiting for me. Having them wait in the hallways causes a problem for the other classrooms in my pod, especially if they’re changing classes at that time. When teachers that their students come in and sit down on the floor and I’m dealing with rowdy students that have been sitting on a cold floor for several minutes. My current plan for third, fourth, and fifth grades is to have their teachers instruct them to sit at computers, login to Moodle, and start their typing lesson. Kindergarten, first, and second grades will not be in Moodle. I wonder if having first and second grades click on a link and go to the typing lessons would work. I would not be able to start that the first day because I will need to teach them how to do it. After they’ve learned how to log into a computer and click on a link kindergarten can start with starfall.com each time.

I am not going to do icebreakers. I despise and hate icebreakers in all forms. I hated them and was embarrassed by them as a student and refuse to do that to my students.

I do not have the privilege or burden of putting forth a first impression. Five-sixth of my students already know me having had been either for one or two years.


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