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This chapter was pretty basic. Figure out your routines, concentrate on teaching them for the first couple weeks. My big problem is with the timeframe because the equivalent of the classroom teachers first couple weeks or 10 days for me is 10 weeks. Since I see the students once every five days, I can’t spend 10 days teaching procedures.

It would be easier if all of our teachers had class line order. It is someone hit and miss with some teachers having one order another teachers not. Some teachers have one order for the first five students lined leader, door holder, light person, and maybe a couple of other jobs.


Comments on: "Tools For Teachers Chapter 12 Teaching Routines" (2)

  1. Linda Carpenter said:

    Did you read the chapter? Teaching routines is one of the most fundamental requirements of a classroom teacher. Whether you see the kids once a day or once a year, you must establish your expectations and mean business immediately or your classroom management skills will be of little value. Nowhere did it say you had to teach routines for ten days. It just encourages teachers to keep teaching the routines until they become ROUTINES and you don’t have to keep nagging and punishing kids who don’t do what you want. Did you read the whole book?

    • Yes I read the chapter. I agree that establishing expectations is important. I was also interpreting the 10 days through the way my school was approaching using Fred Jones.

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