Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

That was Fun

I arrived at school a little early yesterday. Mr. J our custodian met me outside. Seems the electricity was wonky in ½ the building. He used my cell phone to try and call maintance but couldn’t get hold of anyone. The server was in the affected area and as so was equipment that controls the phones. So I went in the classrooms of the affected area and unplugging the computers so that if there was a power surge they wouldn’t be damaged. One teacher of course fussed because I also unplugged the lights were plugged into the surge protector. I had 16 rooms to protect. I did not have time to figure out what else was plugged into the surge protectors. Then there was the teacher in the unaffected area, who could we understand why couldn’t get her computers to work because she had to have room for her kids. The concept of the server not working equals and network not working just couldn’t be understood.

Here’s hoping that the power is on when I get to work this morning.


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