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Kingwood woman charged for abandoning kids | TOP STORIES | Breaking Houston News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Video from KHOU.com | 11 News Annotated

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leaving her 3-year-old in charge of two younger siblings.
  • I thought at first this had to be a typo – it had to be a 13 yo. No she left a 3 year old in charge. My niece is 3 and I don’t like leaving her alone in my house while I go to the bathroom, or change her little brother. – post by kherbert
That friend said he had received a call from Chenowith, but that he did not know her. He said he went by the house anyway, but police were already there.
  • He didn’t know her, but went the the address. Was this someone she happened to meet briefly or did she call the wrong number? How did he know the address? Why didn’t he call the cops and say some woman I don’t know left a message for me to take care of her kids, who are alone at this address? You have to pass a test to drive – but any idiot can have a kid. Not be a parent – but have a kid.

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