Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Favorite Teachers

I was lucky I had wonderful teachers in elementary school, except in 3rd grade.


Mrs. Glenn my kindergarten teacher figured out that when Mom told me “I’m going home and will be at the bus stop when you get off the bus” as she was dropping me off – I thought she was going home – to our old house. We had moved the week before. She also taught me how to read the word peanut and every time packaged food came into classroom – she would read the label with me.


1st grade Mrs. Mahoney encouraged my love of reading by letting me get more than one library book (real book) a week.


2nd Mrs. Blue kept up the love of reading. I kept insisting that I had to finish the reader (big Basel type reader) in a week. She asked me why. I said well there are X readers if I read one a week, I’ll be finished in x weeks and then I can get real books from the library. She took the Basel reader away and arranged for Mom to check out a selection of books each week for my reading homework.

3rd – Horrible year

4th – Mrs. Peitre Made math come alive. I’ll never forget her response to a Sub’s note. The sub told her we were horrible and had tormented a student. The true story was that she mistook the girl for a boy (understandable because of her very short hair, and brother’s hand me down clothes). When we realized the problem, we laughed. The student laughed – she was often mistaken for her brothers from behind. Mrs. Peitre said as long of student wasn’t upset, she wouldn’t do anything. She would also make sure she didn’t get that sub again.


5th – Mrs. Lincoln According to the parents who were doctors, we learned more about the circulatory system in 5th grade than they did during their pre-med undergraduate programs. We learned through 9th – 10th grade science. It drove the Junior High Science teachers mad. She also made ancient cultures come alive. My parents went to Cancun that year. Their sent by my Dad’s business, and sis and I were used to these trips. We never fussed about staying home with our Mimmi. (I think they were scheduled during the school year, so people wouldn’t drag their kids along). That year I fussed. I wanted to see those ruins so badly. My parents made a special trip and Dad brought back and entire carousel of slides of the ruins to give Mrs. Lincoln.


So who were your best teachers?


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