Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Writing Exercise 001

Write and excuse for not working today

Today is the last day before Winter Holiday. The kids get out at 12:45 and the teachers have to hang around and have a work day till 3:30 pm. My classes today are extremely short today 35 minutes, minus 5 minutes the classes are late, minus 5 minutes to take the kids to the bathroom that leaves 25 minutes teaching time. So if I took 10 minutes to introduce and explain the lesson that would leave 10 minutes for the kids to work and 5 minutes to save, log off, and line up. So I gave the classes a free day. I cracked the whip so hard last year about inappropriate sites that it made a lasting impression.


The students don’t want to lose computer privileges and be restricted to Successmaker and AR – so they stay in the sites I’ve approved. So I’m at work, but not really working. I’ve cleaned out my google reader – a feat in itself, and have been looking at sites about creative writing. Not really work.


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