Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Again this is a response to my district’s on line book study of “Don’t Bother Me Mom! I’m Learning.”

I took the quiz before reading the section and scored 557 or Digital Innovator. I told October before we started this that “I’m a digital native – I just lived in exile for many years.” Reading some of the requirements for a digital native they do match my life even if I am 40, I did grow up watching Sesame Street in my formative years. MTV was around and actually played music – I didn’t like the music then or now but it was there. I grew up with a gaming system – an Atari – but we were the only ones on the block with one. My parents’ weren’t really happy about it but it was a gift from one of my Dad’s co-workers. (long story) I always listened to music, when studying. If I didn’t have it on, I could hear the conversations my Sister and parents were having. That was distracting. Even now I’m home alone, and I’m listening to music and pod casts as I read the assignment, and write this post. The only thing listed in that section that I don’t use is IM and Texting – but that is because of my dysgraphia/dyslexia. My co-workers were surprised I didn’t score addict, (I bet some of you agree with them) except when I go on vacation I often don’t bother to get on line. I have the laptop – but that is for handling all the photographs I take.

When I was reading some blogs last week I stumbled upon this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGCJ46vyR9o , shows how natural and vital college kids see using technology – not just games but all the connectivity. (Bess will block the link – because it is you tube – but nothing is inappropriate.)

I know many people feel like technology is isolating us. Reading this section made me think of something I’ve maintained before. I think the connectivity of the internet, is returning us to a type of community that existed before “the break”. David Weale is a folklorist and professor at UPEI in Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. In his books he talks about “the break” when the storytellers of the community were replaced by the radio and TV. I think we are returning to that type of non-professional, non-mass produced storytelling. Sometimes it is annoying – email warnings of dangers that are not there. (Reply to all and send the Snopes link – It will get you dropped from that mailing list fast). Others are fun.

One forum I go to has a cast of crazy characters that the posters deal with – there is the crazy HOA lady that thinks the poster should have to obey the HOA rules – even though don’t they live in the development but on a small farm that boarders the new development. She has reported them for not having the right color flowers, cavorting snowladies, tried to get the PTO to outlaw trick or treating, accused the poster for being racist – because she brought bagels to a teacher appreciation day.

The Dresser Lady, who ordered a different poster and her husband to help her move furniture into her townhome and got mad when they said they had to go to work, told them they shouldn’t come and go from their house so much, and threaten to report them for farming – because they had tomato plants. Yea these people could be totally making up these stories – if they are they should consider finding a publisher – the stories are that good.

Today I’ve listened to 3 podcast about Supernatural, gone to the sites maintained by the podcast creators, and posted my own theory, about if Sam is actually part demon (He is not). 2 more podcasts about Celtic Music – supported several artists by purchasing their music from their websites where they offer it DRM free.

The gamers, who are creating new environments, wow that is super creative and requires planning and logical thinking. The guilds, getting together to storm the castle, have to do lots of planning and coordinating. They do sort of remind me of Ender’s Game. Yes I’m a total geek. Now I have to go figure out if I’m going to dig out my paper copy of Ender’s Game, or do I see if Audible has it unabridged for download. Then go find a book study/discussion group to talk about the story and analyze it.


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