Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

This year our principal is having each team do their own book study. The specials team received permission to do different books and share them. We have 5 different disciplines (PE, Library, Art, Music, and Technology) and 5 different personalities/needs. Thank you Principal for letting us use books that will help us individually.

I’ve chosen Meaningful Learning with Technology. Here is my pre-reading circle map and response to a question at the end of the chapter.

Can you learn to cook merely from watching cooking shows on television? What meaning do you make from the experiences that you observe? Will the experience you have when you prepare a dish be the same as the television chef? How will it be different?

No, I cannot learn to cook merely from watching cooking shows on television. The shows are interesting and occasionally will prompt me to buy the chef’s cook book. For me I can learn to make some items from a recipe. Other times I need a real person to demonstrate a technique.

My experience will not be anything like the television chef. It will be completely different, because I do not have an entire team of helpers behind the scenes helping to prepare the meal.


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