Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

I was a senior when Texas House Bill 72 was passed, so I just missed the testing craze. My sister and cousins were freshman the next year and got to be the test group for the first round. When our politicians look at the “Americans are Stupid” comparisons with other countries, they do not always take cultural differences into account. In other countries many children that we educate would not be in a regular public school.

Here we are testing Life Skills children. Students so profoundly mentally disabled that they will have to be cared for the rest of their lives are being tested in the Great State of Texas. Also in Japan and other countries that the “Americans are Stupid” tests are used, they do not educate mentally/emotionally disturbed children that self injure during class (banging his head), disrupt class, and other wise create problems for other students. I wonder how many of our 5th grade students would be allowed to remain in schools that lead to University educations. I suspect most of our 5th graders would not be in a similar school in Japan.

By focusing on assessments that are multiple choice, we are short changing all of our students, especially those with LD’s. If students were able to show mastery of material through other forms of assessment, that would help them become more confident in their ability to be successful on the state tests.


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