Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

First Day with Kids

6:45 – Arrive on campus and find that the parking lot is ½ full. Here I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get into the building.

7:00 – 8:45 Run around campus, helping with lost children, and taking pictures

8:45 – waiting for 4th grade

9:00 – Go to 4th grade class and ask if they are coming to specials. The 4th graders remember how to do qwizdom. They enjoy the activity

9:25 take the 4th graders to the bathroom

9:30 4th grade teacher shows up on time. I give her the grades from the activity. She fusses about me giving her kids grades. Last year she fussed that they weren’t learning anything in Tech but how to play games. I will continue to give her grades she can do with them what she wants.

9:35 Kinder shows up a little late. It is the Spanish part of Dual Language. They are able to follow my directions and log on to the computer. Then they go to starfall, from what I observed they have some experience with computers.

10:10 – Took kinder to the bathrooms, teacher met us on time

10:15 – Third grade showed up ON time They remembered how to do Qwizdom but couldn’t sign the sheet of paper with the remote numbers in the correct place. So I’m not sure who got what grade.

11:00 – Third grade was picked up on time, and I went to lunch Library decided to join Art and me in the lounge for lunch. We found out that 5th grade pep is going to be cut 30 min short.

11:30 – First grade they remember how to log on, but can’t get to the web sites because the district site is down. I have to manually enter the site for them. They mostly remembered how to log out

12:15 – 2nd grade comes they do well also

1:00 – No 5th grade

1:10 No 5th grade

1:15 I go to the cafeteria and find the 5th grade – they are just finishing lunch. The teachers did not receive their tags for the kid and are having to take care of that.

1:30 5th grade arrives

1:45 Time to switch 5th grades (they meet with 2 specials on day 1)

2:00 the 5th grade teacher are supposed to be there to pick up because bus students have to leave 25 min early the first 3 days.

2:15 teacher comes

Dismissal – No students got lost


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