Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

We Report Tomorrow

Teachers report tomorrow. We have 2 convocations one for the Secondary Teachers and one for the Elementary teachers. I fail to see why these are necessary. They seem to be a waste of time, and a mega waste of money. They have to pay us to be there, pay for the speaker, and rent a facility – last year they bussed us to another district this year we are using a church. I guess I should be glad that we don’t have a sports arena that is large enough to hold the entire staff. Least they haven’t paid to build a multi-million dollar sports arena in my district.


I know other teachers have enjoyed the speakers – they usually put my teeth on edge. I just see dollars flying out the window that probably could have paid for 1 additional aide in a classroom. I don’t like motivational speakers – personally I think they are all scam artists, are hawking their own books, or are just off. When I was a teacher 10 years ago …. I know how you are feeling …… Yuck just Yuck. Give me that ½ day to work on stuff for my kids are go to a workshop that will actually help me teach.



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