Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Not on Contract Yet


I’m not on contract yet. Monday, I’m on contract. Am I wrong for being resentful of teachers who have been e-mailing me all week with their technology problems? I don’t mind the principal, because I told her I would be on campus for 2 afternoons – because I had workshops I wanted to take. Due to traffic issues, I would spend some time on campus. I would much rather drive to school at 1 pm and spend a couple hours doing things, to leaving home at 2:30 and sitting in Houston traffic to make a 4 pm class. The other class was mid morning, so a little different. So principal knew I would be there, and arranged her schedule so I could help her with the Tech stuff for in-services – at the times I said I would be there.

Even after I gave the teachers times I would be there – I still got whiny e-mails begging me to come fix their problems. Couldn’t I just drop in? The answer was a resounding No, I have plans on the other side of town all day. What really gets me is that they just needed someone to file a work order Our librarian was on contract, and has the same authorities as I do for filing work orders – and they know that. They never even asked her.

On the upside, the day of the 4 pm meeting I tested every teacher computer in the school. Only 5 have problems 3 are near each other and can’t get on the network. The other 2 have no display on the monitor. There were 2 I could not test, because there was no power on those walls. Now reading back over this – that does sound bad if you don’t know about last year.

Last year at this time – we had exactly ZERO working computers. We weren’t even allowed in the building – it was still being renovated. We are light years ahead of last year.



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