Teaching since Fall 2001 – 3rd year in 2nd grade

Are They Serious?

See the story here – http://www.pocket-lint.co.uk/news/news.phtml/9130/10154/teachers-call-for-youtube-closure.phtml

A group of teachers are making the argument that because some cyber bullying happens on YouTube, YouTube and should be closed down. This is a straw men argument. Lots of bullying happens at school. According to the logic of these teachers then we should shut down all schools to stop the bullying.

YouTube is not the cause of bullying it is a tool by some bullies. But these teachers want to stop this activity they’re going to have to look more closely at their schools and their students. Bullying is caused by poorly socialized people. The fault lies with the teachers and parents of the students, and the students themselves who after a certain age should know better.


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